Videos play in a DailyMotion player embedded on my site. Disclaimer: These videos are provided by various DailyMotion creators. I do not necessarily agree with their opinions. I have my own DailyMotion channel where I showcase my creations.


Current projects

  • Dance Dance North student club and arcade location listings
    • Tech Tuesdays, a Dance Dance North project, will return soon!
  • Windows Phone applications
  • Faith Fridays videos about Christianity on YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion (Keep seeking Jesus!)
  • BarlowGirl.ca (I once was a great supporter of CCM band BarlowGirl/BG, but I severed my ties from these three sisters and their false doctrine, like the prosperity gospel and their claim that “friend zones” are supposedly biblical. I will be transforming my site into a healing place for former BG fans.)
  • tobyMac.ca (tobyMac shares a leavened, seeker-friendly gospel with his fans. I once was a fan and even attended a concert, but I have since repented.)


Other sites under construction:

  • ZOEgirl Canada (groupe CCM que je supporte / CCM group that I support)