I do not have an Instagram page! Here are five reasons why!

  1. Jesus commands us: Judge not according to the appearance!
    Looking at the Top 25 Instagram accounts as reported by SocialBlade, it is clear that the main focus of this photo-sharing site is to focus on appearance. Instagrammers post photos, gives “likes” to those and comment by making an looks-based judgment. Jesus Christ, however, warns us in John 7:24 that we must abstain from unrighteous judgments based on outward looks alone! When one refuses to examine the inside of the cup (Matthew 23:25), that person is more likely to encounter false doctrine! Speaking of false doctrine…
  2. BarlowGirl posts “hot” photos and other vanities!
    One of the best-selling CCM artists during the last decade is BarlowGirl. Beginning its career with hits like “Never Alone” and “Mirror”, the band promoted the message that true beauty comes from inside in Jesus’ name. Although this seemed nice on the surface, it turned out to be empty words (Titus 1:16) because today, the three sisters crave over a thousand likes by posting unbiblical “words of wisdom”, silly selfies and sexually provocative group photos! From the unusually bright red lipstick Alyssa premiered in Christmastime 2016 for carnal attention, to the blasphemers like Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars that Lauren highly esteems, to Rebecca’s bystander attitude throughout these ordeals, Instagram sure is a detriment to the Barlows’ spiritual life and not a blessing. Adding insult to injury, the sisters were photographed by family friend Sarah Barlow throughout much of their career. Sarah publishes nude pornography on her website in addition to working with sensual artists like Pharrell Williams of “Blurred Lines” fame and Taylor Swift of “Blank Space” (Genesis 2:17) fame.
  3. Victoria’s Secret is the largest female retailer on Instagram!
    Not counting the unisex Nike or eponymous celebrity labels such as Kylie Cosmetics, no female brand outdoes Victoria’s Secret (VS) in popularity! The lingerie giant had its better days in the past, like commissioning classical music in 1991 that includes tributes to Christian artists such as Bach and Handel, to assure married couples a romantic night. The following decade, however, the prestigious retailer sunk to a deep low by launching the youth-targeted Pink brand on October 16, 2002. Pink has a dog as its mascot, and the reason for this is very clear: from Pink’s debut on the VS Fashion Show (VSFS) 2006 to Katy Perry’s performance at VSFS 2010, profanity (“b****”) is shamelessly broadcast on air as dogs are shown on screen or even barking! Even before the profanity existed, the Bible uses “dogs” to describe people of the lowest class! (Matthew 15:27) The main VS brand employs a serpant, the same animal that tempted Eve in Genesis 3:1, as its mascot. There is so much wickedness with Victoria’s Secret that I published nearly an hour of video exposing the company in my Victoria’s Secret Truth playlist. Thankfully, former VS models like Kylie Bisutti and Nicole Weider quit VS to find salvation. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! (Luke 15:7)
  4. Mark Zuckerberg, Earth’s sixth richest man, owns Instagram!
    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the sixth richest man in the world, with a net worth of US$44.6 billion according to Forbes. Instagram is now under the wicked wings of Facebook, with Instagram photos actually being hosted on (FaceBook Content Delivery Network). Facebook has a host of its own issues, which I talk about on a separate page. I witnessed professing Christian after professing Christian sign up for these sites under the guise of evangelizing to the lost, only to proudly publish putrid posts (contrary to 2 Timothy 2:16) after enjoying the mostly evil activities on there. Even Kanye West has recently admitted: “Facebook lied to you!” Zuckerberg boasts about his riches and conquering the world, but Jesus Christ warns in Mark 8:36 that the Facebook mastermind risks losing his own soul!
  5. Top celebrities on Instagram reject Jesus Christ!
    Selena Gomez, who ditched her purity ring and now performs lewd music videos and even feature films such as Spring Breakers, is the most followed person on Instagram. As can be seen in my video about her Fashion Show performance, she has rejected the commandments of Jesus Christ. Just behind her is Taylor Swift, who teamed up with former One Direction member Zayn Malik to sing the blasphemous “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” for the hardcore pornography brand Fifty Shades of Grey! Be not deceived: these celebrities will spend eternity in hell (Revelation 14:11) unless they believe and repent in Jesus Christ! (Mark 1:15 and John 3:16)