The challenges life brings me

Life these days has been hit or miss in terms of how well things are going.  i am very grateful for each and every person cheering for me to keep pressing on.  Sadly, the many challenges that life brings can discourage me.  The key ones right now are dealing with IT groups and my Barloween video series.

There are two main fields where i am involved: IT and media.  The not-so-good news is with IT, short for Information Technology.  This has been a passion of mine since at least 2000, thanks to a wonderful computer camp designed to make children love technology.  Unfortunately, problems began from 2010 onward: while one group was very welcoming, three others seemed to be approaching the opposite end of the spectrum.  They boast about their techniques, but they refuse to accept the fact that better approaches exist.  This happens despite their admission that the machines they use lack the required CPU and RAM to run their mandatory four systems at once, making tasks much slower than they should be.

Media, on the other hand, has consistently treated me more kindly.  The previously mentioned summer camp doesn’t simply excel at IT, but it also shines with art-related software like 3D animation and music authoring.  High school classes continued to propel my love for these, plus Gimp for photo editing and SwishMax for Adobe Flash animations.  Today, getting involved with television production is really a blessing.  Their techniques work brilliantly and the shows are awesome.  Another thing to like is that the amount of women in this field is generally equal to, if not greater than, the amount of men.  Speaking of which…

October is Barloween month for me.  It’s a chance to look back at pop rock girl band BarlowGirl‘s career from my point of view, which will be the sole subject of my videos this month.  When they announced their disbandment on October 24, 2012, my heart dropped.  i immediately bought some souvenirs from their Warner-run shop, prepared for their live chat of five days later and even drafted ideas for my last fan letter.  Since those events, i wondered on a regular basis what their next calling would be.

Unfortunately, many factors indicate that few people care about BarlowGirl any more.  On Lauren Barlow’s birthday this year, she only received around 150 tweets to celebrate her big day.  There’s only one view on my latest BarlowGirl video, despite 17 for its trailer and 11 new views on my older Krystal Meyers video. Perhaps the most telling fact is that tons of that band’s merchandise remains unsold nearly a year after their disbandment.  Both Beka Hardt and Warner Music Store‘s poorly ran liquidation sales are a testament to this:

  • Hardt fulfilled my two orders this year: one in January, another in July. The order numbers tell me how many are placed: nearly 300 in that time span.  That rate works out to at least 527 orders at her shop for the year of 2013. Multiply that by my generous estimate of $40 per order, and Hardt gets $21 080 in total. This, of course, omits expenditures such as cost of the items and shipping.  Needless to say, this sale only gives her and the Barlows chump change.
  • Warner Music Store has so far failed to sell its entire stock of “limited edition” BarlowGirl picture books entitled Our Journey… In Pictures.  Of the 500 made, only 396 were sold by the time i write this.  Each are identified with a number: mine was the 313th book, bought in late October 2012 at an exclusive price of $2.50.  It’s a shame that not even 400 fans, let alone 500, care to purchase this book.

In both cases, the stores anticipated much more sales than they have actually received.  Another problem is that they cannot provide people with a good reason to make a purchase.  The biggest fans already got all the items they wanted.  Those that aren’t fans wouldn’t have much interest in getting items from an inactive band.  Meanwhile, BarlowGirl seems close to going cold turkey from continuing a healthy relationship with fans and speaking about their beliefs.

What breaks my heart isn’t just that we no longer have a group of greatly talented musicians.  It’s also that important causes like purity and protecting prenatal persons no longer have the trio as wonderful spokeswomen.  To the sisters’ defence, their current audience is small.  As previously mentioned, not even three-fifths of one percent of Lauren’s followers wished her a happy birthday.  Even if the group of current fans remains very small, however, isn’t it worthwhile enough to have the encouraging messages spoken to each listener’s heart?  With my BarlowGirl-themed videos, i seek to emphasize this.  May it be a way for me to return encouragement to them, motivating them to keep the spark well lit.  Even if the music ends, hearing them speak truth is so important.

Please consider viewing the first instalment in my Barloween video series. Creating it involved many hours from my already busy schedule, so i appreciate it a lot when someone offers back their time by reading my blog posts and watching my videos.  Other gestures that would help me greatly include constructive comments regarding Barloween and my blog, as well as when people sharing my videos with their friends and family.  Every small act of kindness matters.

Barloween first part (eponymous review) | Barloween trailer

The second part should be ready this Sunday night, after football ends.