Writing versus speaking: which do you prefer?

On August 8, 2013, i’ve posted a list of dance arcade machines in the Ottawa region on my blog. Before that, written posts were confined to the early month of June, during which this website was launched. i also created half a dozen of YouTube videos during that month, plus another one in July and two more in September. More recently, i’ve created a trailer for the Barloween amateur movie, with plans to split the movie into four parts. The premiere is planned for this Thursday.

That being said, it’s become difficult for me to know whether my supporters prefer my written content or my spoken content because of the little constructive feedback on that. There’s the occasional comment or thumbs up, so thanks for those who did leave me an honest opinion! However, if you have yet to leave me feedback on my blog posts or videos, please do let me know what you think. Feel free to use Twitter or YouTube to share your thoughts with me, because i appreciate it!

While the Barloween video series is being brought up, some people must be wondering: what is that all about, and what does that name mean? Well, the title is a simple portmanteau of Christian girl band BarlowGirl and the special day Halloween, which are two of my favourite memories from my teenage years. Halloween obviously happened more during my childhood, though. Anyway, many folks would quickly compare a BarlowGirl fan like me to a Backstreet Boys or One Direction fan. How accurate would such a portrayal be? What are my thoughts about BarlowGirl leaving the music industry? These are just some of the questions that Barloween will answer.

i hope to hear your thoughts soon! Here’s a sampler with some of my videos, including Barloween:

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